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The PV Athletic Boosters' goal is to provide support for all of the Paint Valley Athletic Teams.

We want to be an example of excellence and provide every opportunity for our students to reach their fullest potential.


Will you send us photographs

of your team

for use on this site?


By sending us the photograph you are stating permissions granted to use on this site and in print at school functions.

The Bearcat Club '20-'21 Launched in August and was a huge success! Here's what to know and look for:

October - February '21 Booster Update

  • No concessions allowed = no concessions funds

  • Bitty Ball was cancelled this year.

  • Our kids and their coaches worked hard and stayed focused:
    Girls Basketball Season's End Highlights TBA
    Boys Basketball Season End Highlights TBA
    Wrestling Season End Highlights TBA

  • Funds donated by the community will send the Lady Cats to District in a greyhound bus!

  • More Details to be added!

In the Near Future ...

  • Add more Bearcat Club Members 

  • Define Booster Member Details - these are people who have invested interest in running the Booster organization and voting rights

  • Booster Committees Forming

    • you can chair a committee or volunteer in one 

    • specific areas with specific tasks with specific time agreements - no one overwhelmed

    • get your volunteer hours in outside of game time/instead of concessions

    • help in a way you are able/use your talents

  • Fundraising Calendar with all team plans on it shared

  • More specific financial information posted and long term goals set

September '20 Booster Update​ 

  • Second FB game gave us more info to compare inventory and pricing, and we can now put some process to our ordering

  • With so many changes in the market due to Covid, we are experiencing extreme uncertainty with vendors. Please be patient with us as we seek to be consistent with offerings and pricing. Sadly it isn't something we can control or guarantee.

  • Inside concessions facilities are still being updated, repaired and cleaned by PV 

  • Boosters will schedule teams to re-open and work inside concessions once they are ready

  • Coaches Corner on this website was added. Once we gather team needs we can begin to help!

August '20 Booster Update

  • Bank account was transferred and a new one opened -see public record of starting funds with on School Board Minutes

  • Boosters held meetings with Athletic Director and Fall Coaches for introductions, gather, and share info


  • We voted to keep the Bearcat Club but to make it bigger and more financially productive. Last year funds were lost in the raffles due to loop holes in it's structure. This year our best prizes, like 'A seat in the house' has virtually no cost involved yet it is of high value! We are trying to increase the value of being in the club by re-creating it image and structure.


  • So far we met and exceeded our financial goal in order to receive the matching grant of $1500, but  we did not meet our goal for number of members. We had hoped for a total of 35 members to start the year and we came up with only 27. While many of you gave much more than we could have imagined, we still look forward to involving many more fans. When we join together as a community, we will be unstoppable! Please tell your friends!


  • Football Concessions water main fixed by PV and Boosters cleaned the building

  • Once spectator numbers were declared, Boosters researched and secured previous vendors - YES WE STILL HAVE THE BEST POPCORN IN THE SVC!

  • First FB game we sold 60 lbs of Fish! (a 2 hour delay probably helped)

July '20 Booster Update

New Officers were elected July 2020

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